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The Minnesota Private Colleges’ Fall Recruiting Fair is back in-person (Minneapolis, MN)!


Why Should I Attend?
By attending the recruiting  fair, you will have the opportunity to network with 30+ Minnesota, regional, and national companies hiring in the areas of consulting, banking/finance, actuarial science, stats/data science, technology, business analysis, management and leadership training/development, and project management. 

Most employers will be actively recruiting for Summer 2024 jobs and internships. Other employers may anticipate hiring within the next six months. No matter what the organizations' objectives may be, as an attendee, you can take advantage of speaking with recruiters from a variety of different industries to learn how your career interests may fit with their hiring needs. Contact your university Career Services office if you have further questions related to this Fair or your job search.

What Students are Eligible to Attend? Liberal Arts and Business Undergraduate students from 18 Minnesota Private Colleges who are prepared for early season recruiting and are interested in securing internships and jobs in a corporate setting. Students must be Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, or prior semester grads (Spring or Summer 2023 grads). 


How Do I Register, and What is the Cost?
There isn’t a cost for students to attend the fair. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, or a prior semester graduates (Spring/Summer 2023) enrolled at one of the participating 18 Minnesota Private Colleges are eligible to attend. You must register for the job fair with your Career Services Office. Only pre-registered candidates will be admitted to the job fair.

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