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Minnesota Private Colleges'

Fall Recruiting Fair


Friday, September 25, 2020

12 - 4 PM |

Virtual, Powered by Brazen

The Minnesota Private Colleges’ Fall Recruiting Fair has gone virtual!


The Minnesota Private Colleges have partnered with Brazen to host the 2020 Fall Recruiting Fair. The virtual fair will allow students and employers to use Brazen’s intuitive talent acquisition platform to enable conversations with each other via text, audio, and video, connecting each other like never before.


After registering for the fair, both students and employers will receive more information regarding Brazen’s virtual intuitive platform.

For more information regarding Brazen’s platform prior to registering, visit the links below.



1st Annual Minnesota Private Colleges’ Fall Recruiting Fair.


What Students are Eligible to Attend?

Liberal Arts and Business Undergraduate students from 17 Minnesota Private Colleges who are prepared for early season recruiting and are interested in securing internships and jobs in a corporate setting. Students must be Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, or prior semester grads (Spring or Summer 2020 grads).


What Employers are Eligible to Attend?

This event is by invitation only. The Minnesota Private Colleges are seeking large Minnesota-based and national companies hiring in the areas of consulting, banking, finance, actuarial science, stats/data science, technology, business analysis, management and leadership training/development, and project management.

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